slippery noodles and fingerprints: Poems from March 2017


Most of my poems are paired with a photography (and sometimes other media).
Occasionally, photography is not appropriate (or I am not fast enough with the camera).
Here are some unaccompanied poems from March 2017, all of which were written in situ.


lower down with chin
smile show your teeth also can
taking your picture
you can wear back your specs please
follow me for fingerprints

A Singapore Employment Pass (work visa) renewal, found-poetry tanka.
The lovely Singlish phrasing of each line is a direct quote from one of the centre’s staff.



Tiger or Fosters
choice A Western B Asian
inflight decisions

Singapore-to-Bali flight.



eaten with strangers
slippery noodles green bowl
bad chopsticking night

Phrustrated by my phở in Singapore.



routes synchronized
arrived too soon so pausing
doors open on shrubs
over-eager and over-early
bush blocked for five minutes

An early-morning Singapore bus ride tanka.



snoring ignoring
pounding on my dreamland door
what did I miss

4:52 a.m., Singapore.
Woke from a dream in which someone was repeatedly pounding on my door and
I willfullywas ignoring because it was much too early for anyone of any decency to be knocking.
Now wondering if I slept through something in the waking world...