fearsome hint

December 2016, Ryōan-ji (龍安寺), Kyoto (京都市), Japan (日本).

obscured by opening
magnificent beast within
fearsome hint

On a set of fusuma (襖; painted, sliding panels) in the main temple building of Ryōan-ji, a giant white dragon peeks through clouds. The day I visited, the fusuma and outer walls were open to the gorgeous December weather, unfortunately allowing the dragon to stay well hidden.


December 2016, Tenryū-ji (天龍寺), Kyoto (京都市), Japan (日本).

if foretellings told
not to your likings wished
best leave them behind

Rather than take an unfortunate omikuji (御神籤; a small rolled or folded paper fortune from a shrine or temple) with you, it is thought better to leave bad luck behind.


December 2016, Kitano Tenmangū (北野天満宮), Kyoto (京都市), Japan (日本). Jaded monkey.

forty-eight hundred
performances later
they all look the same